About Us

The school is functioning in a spacious 4500 Sq.ft in the prime residential area of Srinagar Colony (Behind Saidapet court) from Monday to Friday with working hours from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM Presently 70 children are being trained in the academy in various fields , which will help them to scout the different walks of life .

The staff and parents are putting their hard and efficient service to pave a pleasant and easy way for the special children to lead a happy and a contented life.


The founder of the Academy Mrs. Shiyamala Mohan has been working with Special Children, having 20 years of teaching experience for individuals with Mental Retardation and qualified in B.A. (Psy) B.Ed.(Spl.Ed). Since she is a parent of a special child, she has got interest to provide service to the special children. Her prime interest is to initiate special education, vocational guidance and training to the Special Children.

Mrs . Shiyamala Mohan, the founder, as part of her commitment for betterment of the society and to promote charitable and educational activities in an organised and perpetual manner has created “Sri Sakthi Charitable Trust” to provide education and training for individuals with special needs and create opportunities for development of functional, academic, personal, social, life survival, safety, work related skills .