Skill Training:

Pre – Vocational Training Programme

The students with disabilities are trained towards work oriented programmes such as cutting, folding, pasting, picking, assembling skills, weighing and packing skills.

The prevocational trainings are imparted to the children with fundamental academics to develop cognitive, motor, social and language and vocational skills of the children. The focus is on all round development with an emphasis on Vocational Training to make the children self-sufficient.

Vocational Training Programmes

To develop the occupational competency and prepare persons for working and living in the community, students are trained in making paper bags & jute bags, screen printing and jewellery making etc.

The training given to children in office work, filing, data entry, attending phone calls will help them to secure jobs in corporate offices, restaurants, hospitals etc.

We provide opportunity for the children who are capable to be trained as Teacher Aide to assist the Teacher in class room activities.

We are going to start an Integrated Work Unit to give a platform to our children to work with other people of the Society. These programmes will teach them to adjust, be friendly and more involved in the Society.

Domestic skills

The basic domestic skills like cutting vegetables, washing, cleaning, cooking etc. has been taught to them which helps them to make simple and nutritious recipes using Electrial gadgets like Induction Stove, Microwave Oven etc.

These programmes have also helped them to face the Catering and Bakery and Confectionary NIOS exams boldly.

They, thus, actively participate in the Daily Household chores and activities, without being a burden to the family. This will help them to lead a happy, normal and independent life.