About Us

Founder's Daughter

Almighty is omnipresent mother is his messenger and maid to show her affection, love mercy and everything to the children. Motherhood is god gifted.

Selvi. Durgha has been blessed with such a mother, who cares for her. Durgha, now twenty four years old who is a person with multiple disability.

Her mother had to walk through every day to find ways to develop her. The net result being that she had enough training in speech therapy, special education and training.

Children of this type must be made to be less dependent, though not independent. Durgha has been taken care of on 24x7 basis, of course very challenging, scientific planning of her day to day works in special education and training has been very successful and slowly hopes on her well being have been confidently increasing.

Do it with commitment has been the motto in bringing up Durgha. Involvement, commitment and untiring effort by Durgha and her mother was fruitful and Durgha is now near normal in her studies.

Durgha had liking for drawing and painting at the age of 10 and she was encouraged to do that art. Her drawings depicting joy, anger and sadness were really creative and all her works were displayed in exhibitions attracting the eyes of many. Her paintings like fabric painting, Emboss painting, Zardosi or Sand art, mat stitching Glass painting, Mural works, Patta chitra, Silotty, Mayur paintings all done in perfection.

No wonder, Durgha is now familiar with computer system. She has mastered in MS Office, Animation and Graphics designing doing designs with innumerable color combinations. The self taught artist Durgha has also qualified in XII Std. under NIOS.

She is now actively involved in teaching the student computer graphics, painting, & conceptual learning activities.

Considering the plight of many parents of special children, Sri Sakthi Academy has been established to pay special attention to the children of special needs through rehabilitation, education and special training. This school will become a big banyan tree giving shade to many children to live with confidence, of course the seed being Durgha.

Let Sri Sairam with whose blessing Durgha has come to this height give Durgha and her mother enough strength and courage to help these children.